About Me

I believe that to be successful in any job, you need to love it. Passion fuels perseverance, and it’s this belief that has guided me through a diverse and exciting career.

My name is Milica Kovacevic, and I am the face behind ArchSEOlogist. My professional path began in the world of archaeology, where I spent nearly a decade studying and preserving our shared cultural heritage. Such experience taught me a deep appreciation for the method, diversity, and the importance of storytelling.

From there, I transitioned into the nonprofit sector, leading an NGO dedicated to promoting cultural heritage. I organized international events, managed projects, lectures, and even served as the Head of the Authenticity Committee for a world-renowned Historical Medieval Battles International Association

Today, I’ve combined my love for culture, technical knowledge, and strategic thinking in a unique way – as an SEO consultant I specialize in helping purpose-driven organizations amplify their impact and reach their full potential. I understand that for these organizations, success is more than profits – it’s about making a difference.

Milica Kovacevic SEO
Family on the farm nursing baby goats

Rooted in Sustainability

Growing up on a small farm in Serbia, I learned the essence of sustainability before it became a global necessity. My family farm was a classroom where the curriculum was life itself—growing our own food, caring for animals and nature, and mastering the art of resourcefulness.

We didn’t have much, but we were wealthy in the lessons we learned: the importance of reusing, recycling, and living in harmony with the land and nature.

From the moment I took my first steps, I was taught to value every drop of water, every watt of energy, and every piece of waste that could be turned into something useful. These early lessons weren’t just chores, but the building blocks of a sustainable lifestyle that I carry with me to this day.

As I entered the world of SEO and digital marketing, those foundational principles stayed with me. Today, they inform every strategy I create, every campaign I run, and every client relationship I build. 

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