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Meet Milica - A Freelance SEO Consultant for Purpose-Driven Organizations

I’m Milica Kovacevic, and I am the face behind archSEOlogist. With a decade of experience in promoting cultural heritage and NGO work, I’ve channeled my passion into elevating purpose-driven brands and organizations. 

My transition into SEO is deeply rooted in authenticity and cultural significance, and my unique background positions me perfectly to bridge the gap between commercial aspirations and cultural and social values. 

Milica Kovacevic archseologist SEO consultant

Why Work With Me?

Client Testimonials

After a challenging theme and WordPress core update, my website struggled significantly, and developers couldn't resolve the issues. That's when I found Milica. She not only identified and fixed the existing problems but also implemented effective SEO strategies that showed remarkable results within just a month. Thank you, Milica!

Aleksandar Jablanovic, Big Tours Owner
Aleksandar Jablanovic Founder, Big Tours

Milica is the consultant you want on your team. She's helped us a lot with our website and SEO, and she really cares about our success. I can only say amazing things about her.

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Harald Goffart CMO, TBD Creative House Inc.

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